About Us

I have been a Tailor for 38 years and in business for 31 years. About 10 years ago, I purchased my first Fordson tractor and joined the Fordson Tractor Club. The club President, in one of his newsletters, asked if anyone would be interested in making covers for Fordson Tractors.

Being a Tailor, I volunteered for the task. The club President helped me obtain the proper logos for the various covers and after many delays, I began making covers for the club members. Today, unfortunately, the club no longer exists, but I decided to continue making the covers.

The shop where I make the covers is the original location of Bonnell Ford. Started in 1925, Bonnell Ford is still in business today and is probably one of the oldest Ford dealerships in America that is still owned and operated by the original family. In their showroom, they have a picture of a 1925 Runabout parked right in front of where my store is today.

The Fordson Tractor Covers I make today are assembled on the very spot where Fordson Tractors were sold by the Bonnell family over 84 years ago.